Why Coaching works

Young people find talking to somebody completely separate from the rest of their life particularly helpful – they often feel more free to be open about their feelings. Coaching is about supporting the individual to find helpful ways to manage their feelings and move towards reaching their own goals. It can be empowering and motivating.

Coaching in Schools

I regularly visit a variety of schools to deliver one to one coaching with students. They enjoy having the opportunity to talk to somebody removed from the rest of school life and many have said that, following coaching sessions, they feel confident about how to manage their own wellbeing, deal with anxious and negative thoughts, and feel more resilient moving forwards. I coach young people of a variety of ages, some with SEND and have worked with students from a looked after background.

Private Youth Coaching

If you feel coaching would benefit your child, I can offer private sessions both virtually or face to face. I have full safeguarding training and an enhanced DBS.

Get in touch to discuss your child’s needs.

“My son was diagnosed with Mild Selective Mutism and although the interventions that were put in place by school were helpful, we felt a 1:1 approach with Alice would be more useful. Alice has been wonderful- her sympathetic professional approach has worked wonders, setting achievable goals in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Our son now has a more confident outlook that not only ourselves but friends and peers have noticed too. He regularly uses techniques he’s learnt to manage his worries.” 

(Parent on 1:1 teenage client)

“The walk and talk sessions really helped me to open up because it wasn’t in an office where I might have felt things were harder to talk about. I feel I got a lot out of the sessions because not only is it in the open space but I felt a lot more comfortable chatting with Alice.” 

(Teenage private client)


“Alice is both efficient and reliable and has done some fantastic work with our students. All have commented how easy it is to talk to her. She provides our pastoral staff with regular updates on students’ progress, and we are already seeing the impact that Alice’s work is having on both our students’ confidence and emotional wellbeing. I would highly recommend her services.”

(Intervention and Emotional Wellbeing Co-ordinator RSA Academy Arrow Vale)

Tailored Coaching sessions which support students with issues such as:
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationships and connections
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Identity and self esteem
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Trust and friendship
  • Low mood and negative thinking
  • Self regulation

“Alice was very easy to talk to and gave my teenager space to do sessions in the way that worked best for them, whilst encouraging them to open up and talk about their feelings. Alice was kind, thoughtful and always reliable whilst remaining professional and confidential throughout. She was also great at finding times that suited my teenager’s schedule. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alice to help any teenager working out who they are and how to navigate life.” 

(Parent of teenage client)

I also offer the following forms of intervention:

Designed to support students who may have low level anxiety, low self esteem, lack of motivation and who are keen to work towards improving their current situation in life.

  • suitable for 3-5 students in one group
  • useful resources to take away for reference
  • students will feel better equipped to tackle issues connected to their mental health and wellbeing
  • continued feedback and updates for safeguarding purposes

Suggested coaching workshop sessions could follow these topics:

  • Discovery – focusing on developing a vision for the future and facing current obstacles
  • From inner critic to inner coach – tackling negative thinking
  • Understanding anxiety and the brain’s coping mechanisms
  • The power of growth mindset and reframing
  • Empathy, kindness and self care
  • Confident me – embracing identity and raising self esteem

For students

  • tailor made to suit the needs of students, topics include Exam Confidence, Kindness and Empathy, Growth Mindset, Healthy Relationships, Navigationg Social Media
  • can be delivered to small groups, classes or as webinars delivered to your choice of students

For staff

  • tailor made to suit school and staff needs, topics include Bringing Coaching Tools into the Class, Managing Change, Staff Wellbeing, Having Impact and Influence

For parents

  • topics include Understanding the Teenage Years, Supporting your Child’s Mental Health Needs, Perfect Parent Pressure

I also offer tailor-made summer camps which are designed to be fun, interactive and support young people with their emotional health. 

View Alice Westbury Coaching Safeguarding Policy

I pride myself on being versatile, so get in touch if you have any ideas that you would like to discuss with me