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At the heart of coaching lies the individual and the belief that they have the knowledge within them to manage their own change. Through listening, questioning and a variety of different tools, coaching supports the individual to visualise their future, develop resilience to deal with the ups and downs of life, as well as build motivation to move towards positive lifestyle choices.

Alice Westbury Coaching

I enjoy Alice's company, I can openly voice my worries and struggles, and know that I can talk confidentially with someone I can trust.

Teenage Client

I have to say a big thank you to Alice! She got me thinking & visualising – from the very first chat - what my life can be, as well as everything it has been up to the point of seeking her expert help! The good, bad & ugly. Alice is proficiently skilled to dive into all of it when it is necessary. A lot of the time, Alice was simply a brilliant listener! She got to know me at my own pace, opening up on why I found life itself rather testing & my reasoning for seeking professional Life Coach help. Alice was a great help over the 3-4 months we spoke. She helped me align my goals & interests in life & sent me away with not only sparks flying, but materials to further ignite those sparks & get a groove into a new pathway I was searching for! Thank you Alice 😊 Highly recommend her.

adult coaching client

Alice is both efficient and reliable and has done some fantastic work with our students. All have commented how easy it is to talk to her. She provides our pastoral staff with regular updates on students' progress, and we are already seeing the impact that Alice's work is having on both our students' confidence and emotional wellbeing. I would highly recommend their services.

S Curtiss

Intervention and Emotional Wellbeing Co-ordinator RSA Academy Arrow Vale

These sessions have been incredible! I couldn't be more grateful - I have learnt to understand myself in ways I didn't think possible.


Holy Trinity Free School​

Alice’s input with the young person has been amazing. She has filled her with confidence, whilst exploring topics that help the young person understand their feelings and emotions at difficult times. She is efficient, positive and extremely helpful. Her feedback after each session is insightful and helps school staff to further understand the topics that have been covered to ensure pastoral support in school can link into and support Alice’s coaching. Thank you Alice for all your input.

A Wright

Head of House Wolverley C of E Secondary School

Talking about accepting the anxiety and not letting it take over was really helpful.


RSA Academy Arrowvale​

Alice has offered a bespoke support plan for each student, and her calm approach has supported our students to build trust and resilience.

Safeguarding Lead​

Holy Trinity Free School​

Alice has offered a bespoke support plan for each student, and her calm approach has supported our students to build trust and resilience.

S Ward

Safeguarding Lead Holy Trinity Free School

Alice is a fantastic presentation skills coach who has a knack for bringing the best out of people.  Her experience of working as a drama teacher and coach gives her a broad skillset when working with clients of all ages to help them build confidence in public speaking and develop strong communication skills.  I whole-heartedly recommend her as a trainer and coach.

Carrie Swift

Managing Director- Love Public Speaking

Talking about accepting the anxiety and not letting it take over was really helpful.


RSA Academy Arrow Vale

Coaching has helped me a lot, not just with learning how to be me, but also how to control my emotions.


Wolverley C of E Secondary School

Alice was very easy to talk to and gave my teenager space to do sessions in the way that worked best for them, whilst encouraging them to open up and talk about their feelings. Alice was kind, thoughtful and always reliable whilst remaining professional and confidential throughout. She was also great at finding times that suited my teenager's schedule. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alice to help any teenager working out who they are and how to navigate life.

Parent of teenage client

The walk and talk sessions really helped me to open up because it wasn't in an office where I might have felt things were harder to talk about. I feel I got a lot out of the sessions because not only is it in the open space but I felt a lot more comfortable chatting with Alice.

Teenage private client

Youth Coaching

I provide wellbeing support through coaching, webinars and workshops for both students and staff.

Adult Coaching

I coach adults who want support in finding ways to feel happier, gain clarity, manage lifestyle and deal with feelings of overwhelm.